It all started on a beach on the other side of the world far away from home, Rovaniemi. Two friends, Tuulia and Antti, drifted into a conversation about dreams and future plans. Idea of a hostel and café arose right away. 

Deep appreciation and love towards home and the surrounding nature had grown on their travels and the two had also been dreaming about own businesses their whole lives. And so was the seed of Hostel Café Koti planted out of a whim in a peculiar place, but isn't that often the way of great ideas?

Some years went by traveling, working and studying. One night back home in Rovaniemi the friends met again and idea arose back to the table. Tuulia had been playing further with the idea of a hostel and Antti in turn with café. This time the circumstances were more favorable and timing better. Antti and Tuulia, entrepreneurs at heart, decided to roll up their sleeves and see where the idea of combining their dreams might take them.

They found a building that was originally built as a bank and transformed it into a cozy and modern hostel and café, and yet not forgetting the original solid design of the building.

Antti and Tuulia designed the place and atmosphere to represent their values and interests towards authenticity, coziness and responsible thinking. They wanted the place to be easy going and welcoming for both travelers and locals.

Few years later the dream became reality when Hostel Café Koti welcomed its first guest in the heart of Rovaniemi in December 2016. Since then, the former bank building has served as a popular lunch restaurant, caféteria, a venue for different events, meeting spot for students and as a home for both travelers and locals.