At Hostel Café Koti, we want to be part of the sustainable development in the field of tourism and do our part to ensure that future generations have a living planet to live on. Therefore, we constantly take steps towards sustainability in our ecological, social, cultural and economical actions.

We are participating in the national Sustainable Travel Finland programme by Visit Finland and we expect to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label in three years.

In this environmentally challenging time, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our impact on nature. We hope you will share your development suggestions with us if something comes up after visiting us.

Here are some steps we have already taken towards sustainability.

Ecological sustainability

  • Our staff recycles everything, our guests also have an opportunity to recycle.
  •  We run on renewable energy (wind power).
  •  We serve vegan and vegetarian food every day.
  • We have bicycles to rent and we encourage our guests to use public transport.
  •  We use environmentally friendly detergents
  • Our takeaway packages are environmentally friendly and Ecoecho@ certificated
  •  We take good care of our equipment and facilities. We buy second hand whenever it´s possible and we only buy what we need
  • We encourage our guests to avoid buying bottled water and to drink tap water
  • We have installed water-saving faucets
  • Our café always serves fair trade coffee and our teabags are biodegradable
  • We encourage our staff to use foot-powered transportation
  • We tell people about the environmental actions we take and their importance
  • Our work clothes come from Pure Waste who only use recycled fabrics in their garments
  •  We have a pilot collaboration project with Protect Our Winters

Social sustainability

  • We offer work for several people in Rovaniemi
  • We support local businesses by purchasing services and products from them
  • We collaborate with companies that share our values
  • We have fragrance-free sheets and towels
  •  We are a hostel for the whole family! Pets are also welcome, except for one floor which we keep totally allergen-free.
  •  We are sponsoring a local husky farm during the pandemic. We have a “adopted” a dog named Kylo at Bear Hill Husky kennel. The sponsorship program supports the dogs by paying for food and veterinary expenses.

Cultural sustainability

  • We want to keep the local art scene alive and that´s why we offer artists a free art exhibition space in our café. We have a new art exhibition every two months.
  • Hostel Café Koti is built in an old bank. We retained the old features of the building in the renovation, recycled a lot of old building materials, artifacts and furniture.
  •  We help organize a lot of local events
  • We encourage our guests to use local services
  • We tell our clients about Finnish culture and specific Finnish traditions
  • We co-operate with local schools

Economic sustainability

  •  We keep our prices reasonable
  • We co-operate with local companies (fishermen, berry pickers, manufacturers)
  • We develop our products according to customer needs (private occasions, meetings)
  • Our accommodation and café have a high level of customer satisfaction (based on and TripAdvisor feedback)
  • We favor private businesses/operators
  • All our renovations are made by local businesses
  • We strive to do as much as we can ourselves
  •  We always strive to develop our operation models to achieve customer needs