Café Koti offers great coffee, drinks, pastries and food in an easygoing atmosphere

Breakfast is also served daily and lunch during the weekdays. Social events are held in the café on selected evenings. Art exhibitions are also shown at times.

Café Koti Open
Mon-Thu: 07.00–23.00
Fri-Sat: 07.00–23.00 (02)
Sun: 07.00–23.00

Breakfast 8,00€

mon-fri: 07.00–10.00
sat-sun: 07.00–11.00

Porridge, natural yogurt, home made bread, toppings, boiled eggs, nuts, home made jam, home made granola, juice, coffee and tea.

Lunch 8,90€

WEEK 47 / 20.11. - 24.11.2017
Mon-Fri: 11.00 – 14.00


Salmon Soup
Lohikeitto (L,G)


Creamy Mushroom Soup
Kermainen sienikeitto (L,G)


Chicken-Curry Soup
Kana-currykeitto (L,G)


Vegan Minestrone Soup
Vegaani minestronekeitto (M)


Smoked Reindeer Soup
Savuporokeitto (L,G)        
Including salad of the day, salad table, homemade sourdough bread and
freshly ground organic coffee or brewed tea.

Lounaaseen kuuluu päivän salaatti,  salaattipöytä, Kodin hapanjuurileipä,
vastajauhettu luomukahvi tai haudutettu tee.


Beet Root and Goat Cheese Salad 10,50€

Salmon, Shrimps and Fennel Salad 11,00€

House Salad 10,40€


Every Sunday
From 12.00 until 15.00
No need for table reservations
Home made delicacies


Mushroom Soup 12,50€

Smoky Fish Soup 13,00€

French Toast and Local Ice Cream

French Toast made from sourdough bread, vanilla ice cream and home made jam 7,50€


Freshly Brewed Coffee 2,00€
Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Gayo

Espresso 2,30€
Verde Organic

Cappuccino 3,30€

Dirty Chai Latte 3,60€
(Home Made Chai Syrup)
Café Latte 3,60€
Café Latte Special 3,80€
(Home Made Caramel / Cardamom / Vanilla / Cinnamon)

Café Mocha 4,00€

(Home Made Chocolate Sauce)

Hot Chocolate 3,60€
(Home Made Chocolate Sauce)
Tea (Teapigs) 2,00€

Tea Pot 0,5l 3,70€ / 1,5l 6,40€
Milk Oolong, Rooibos Pretty Woman, Marjakimara – Black Tea, China Special Gunpowder – Organic, Green Tea, Jasmine Dream – Green Tea, YOG! Hyvä mieli – Green Rooibos, Assam - Black tea


High quality cocktails
Home made berry juices

We also serve a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks, local beer, organic wines and sparkling wine...